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First-Rate Pool Filters Available in Perth

Cartridge Filter supplied and fitted from $750

We deal with all the major manufacturers and can recommend the best system for your budget. You can rest assured that all the systems we supply come with a full manufacturers guarantee. If you’re seeking the most reliable pool filters in Perth, then you won’t find a better supplier.

Prices include standard Installation and fitting in Perth Metro NOR

Ensure your pool remains in top condition with the right filter system

Depending on your pool size, chemicals used and water type, your ideal filter system will differ. It’s imperative to choose wisely to ensure you’re not spending too much, or not enough on the right one. As your filter is responsible for drawing in the pool water and trapping any particles before returning the filtered water, it will require electricity to function effectively. If you opt for a cheaper, inferior model, then you run the risk of using more power than you need, bulking up your energy bill.

As Perth’s leading supplier of heat pumps, LED lights and pool filters, we have access to some of the most reputable manufacturers in the market. This means everything, we stock is selected to offer the optimal amount of functionality, reliability and value for money.

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