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Your First Choice for Pool Servicing and Maintenance

Take a dip whenever you like without worrying about green water or faulty filters, thanks to the team at Indigo. Offering our services throughout Perth's Northern and Western Suburbs. Our reliable and affordable services, let you make the most of your swimming pool without worrying about the time or effort it takes to clean and maintain it. Our pool technicians have years of experience and offer services and solutions you can trust.

Offering a wide range of pool maintenance solutions

Whether you want to ensure your swimming pool is  ready for summer, or require ongoing maintenance throughout the year, our professional team has the solution for your needs at a price that will fit within your budget. Offering our services throughout Perth's Northern and Western Suburbs, our technicians can:

  1. Chemical check and balance, your Pool to save those unwanted visits to the Pool shop.

  2. Regularly Service your Pool and relieve the hard work and stress so you have more time to relax.

  3. Perform a One off Pool Clean if you have run out of time and need the pool ready to swim for a special event.

  4. Provide Maintenance if your pool or equipment is not performing properly. Save time and money by having the problem diagnosed quickly on site. 

  5. Clean Green Pools quickly and efficiently, but more importantly, find out why it went Green and advise a solution.

Why contact us?

Unless you have the time and knowledge to properly look after the pool yourself, it is best to contact a team of professionals who can ensure it is kept to the highest standard. Correct and regular cleaning and maintenance is extremely important in order to protect your family from the host of bacteria and pathogens that can accumulate over time. More than simply giving the walls and floor a clean, we offer a comprehensive service that ticks all of the boxes.


To provide the highest standard to every client, we organise our routes to ensure our technicians have plenty of time to complete your job thoroughly. During our regular monthly pool service, we will:

  • Vacuum and clean the pool

  • Test water and adjust when necessary

  • Brush tiling

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets

  • Backwash filters and clean cartridges

  • Check all equipment

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