Salt Chlorinators and Sanitation Systems fitted from $899

The two most important pieces of equipment in your Swimming Pool are the Pump and Filtration (The Lungs) and the Sanitation (The Heart). You can sanitise your pool in many different ways:

  • Salt Chlorinators - by far the most common sanitation method in WA. Salt is added to the pool and then pumped through a Salt Cell that produces chlorine gas that is returned into your pool.
  • Mineral Systems - using a blend of magnesium and potassium chloride that work in conjunction with a hydoxinator to not only sanitise your pool water, but to also keep it crystal clear, healthy and feeling silky smooth. 
  • Chlorine Dosing Systems - monitor and dose chemicals accordingly
  • Ionisers - Cleans and sanitizes pool water by releasing positively charged copper and silver ions into the water to destroy algae and bacteria. ... Pool ionization still requires you to shock your pool with chlorine from time to time..
  • Ozone Systems - A natural sanitizer, ozone destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew and eliminates spores, cysts, yeast, and fungus. Due to its purifying capability, ozone can be used to keep pool water clean and sparkling and reduces the use of Chlorine, but does not eliminate it completely.
We have seen the best and the worse of all these systems and can offer advise and pricing to suit your budget. We deal with all the major manufacturers and can recommend the best system for your budget. You can rest assured that all the systems we supply come with a full manufacturers guarantee together with our 1 month money back guarantee that if you are not happy with the system or our service, we will remove the equipment and refund your money.