High Quality Pool LED Lights for your Perth Property

LED replacement Pool Lights supplied and fitted from $490 Perth Metro NOR

For those who are sick and tired of replacing the globes in their pool lights, or have models that consistently break, we have the premier range to ensure your late night swims are bright and full of colours. Our lights come in a broad spectrum of dazzling colours that you can transition through manually or using one of their pre-set mode. There are 10 settings and 8 colours in total, including green, blue, magenta, aqua, cool white, red, lime and warm white.

The popular lighting option for your pool

Out with the old and in with the new pool pool LED lights and LED spa lighting throughout Perth. These reliable products have quickly become the choice for lighting up your Pool.

  • Colour changing feature.
  • LED lights use 80% less energy when compared to other pool and spa lighting.
  • Save you money on your energy bill.
  • Only choose our energy efficient LED pool lights available in Perth

    You might be surprised by how much energy you’re wasting by using inefficient lighting. Our lights are designed to only require a minimal amount of power, keeping your power bills down and saving you money in the process. Don’t settle for inferior brands that require more power than is absolutely necessary. We only utilise leading brands and carefully hand pick every product we offer to ensure we’re only providing our clients

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