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Here are three Suction Cleaners that we recommend depending on your pool type and shape. Click on the links to the pictures to download a brochure. Login or create an account to order online.


The 2x Suction PoolCleaner™ uses your existing pump and filter for power. This cleaner plugs into either your designated suction port or the skimmer. The 2x is ideal for most average sized pools.

The Suction cleaner is a simple yet highly effective pool  cleaner. Its light weight and simple construction (only one moving part) make it a breeze to handle and operate.The patented diaphragm delivers long lasting suction power and efficient cleaning performance in most pools.

The Pool Vac with its advanced programmed steering ensures efficient and complete pool coverage for a cleaner pool. Unique turbine system provides constant balanced water flow for silent operation and gentle movement across pool surfaces.



Cleaning your Pool has Never Been Easier in Perth

Spend your summer days in crystal clear water thanks to the affordable solutions offered by our experienced team. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to pool maintenance is finding the right cleaning solution – one that is not only effective, but easy to set up.  

Here at Indigo Pool Care, we understand how easy it is for busy schedules to get in the way, and the last thing you want to do with your spare time is scrape algae. That is why we offer a wide range of suction and robot cleaners that can make light work of the task at hand. We offer pool cleaning solutions throughout Perths Northern and Western Suburbs, including City Beach, Mosman Park and beyond, ensuring affordable prices and expert customer advice.  

Why is regular cleaning so important?

There are many reasons why maintaining regular upkeep is so important, including:

Ensure clear water

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a quick dip on a summer day only to realise the water is cloudy. This cloudy effect is caused by a number of contaminants inhabiting the water and is a sign that something is not quite right with the equipment or sanitisation.

Protect your family

The most important reason for properly maintaining your pool is protecting your family and friends who go for a swim. Without proper care, bacteria and pathogens will accumulate in the water. As water is one of the easiest ways to spread illness between people, spending one day swimming with family and friends can quickly turn into a disaster.

Protect the pool and equipment

With the buildup of algae and debris, equipment can easily become overworked or damaged. In particular, unnecessary strain is placed on the filters and pumps. In some cases this can cause the motor to burn out, which can become costly to repair.

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If you would like more information on how pool cleaning can be simplified with a robotic cleaner, or to learn about our services offered throughout Mosman Park, City Beach and other areas throughout Perths Northern and Western Suburbs, please contact us today on 08 6555 2860.

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