Swimming Pool Ionisers August 13 2015

It was discovered long ago that copper ions behave as an algaestat, that is, they inhibit algae growth, while silver ions behave as a bactericide, that is, they kill bacteria.
By using a Pool ionizer low voltage electricity is used to energise the Copper and Silver electrodes to reduce the amount of micro-contaminants in the Pool water, which reduces your chlorine demand.

    • TDS levels in a pool are recommended to be between 1000ppm and 1200ppm, for a swimming pool mineral ionizer to work effectively. Hard water pools, with Calcium Hardness levels in excess of 500ppm may also need to clean the electrodes more often to remove scale deposits.
    • High water temperatures can reduce the effectiveness of the minerals to sanitize. When pool water temperatures exceed 30c degrees, more of a halogen sanitizer (i.e. Liquid Chlorine) may be needed to effectively maintain pool water clarity.
    • For cloudy water after a storm, you can add liquid chlorine to speed up the cleaning process
    • Copper and Silver ions are not harmful, even if the pool water is being swallowed, in such low levels. This means red irritated skin and eyes are history!
    • Too much copper can turn your hair green, especially for blonde swimmers - However this should be tested on a weekly basis
    • Pool Ionizers are inexpensive compared to chemical sanitizers.

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